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WorldChangers delivers consulting, training & coaching services to leaders in organisations and societal initiatives in the UK, Europe and Asia. We accelerate the adoption of new mindsets, leadership behaviours & thinking for breakthrough models in society and organisations. This work is underpinned by adult developmental theory, dialectics and systemic approaches to support leaders to develop their cognitive capacities to deal with complexity and ambiguity.

For some people, it’s obvious that we need to adapt our ways of living and working on earth. We’re about to destroy the very basis of our own life and many other lives as well. Through the multiple crisis we are experiencing, including the pandemic, more people are seeing the interdependencies across contexts.

However, our thinking and cognitive capacities are too narrow.

More mature and responsible people in our collective decision making processes are needed.

  • But where is the space in which to develop?
  • What is the “right” path or approach?

We need to understand where to venture with “development”.

Development requires some qualitative shift, not just in knowledge, but in perspective or way of thinking. Developing is when the form of our understanding changes. We see and experience more complexity in the world.  Each small shift increases our capacity, and over time these changes collectively become qualitatively different ways of seeing the world. ( Jennifer Garvey Berger, 2018)

In walking the path of development, our thinking can become more fluid in relational and transformational thinking. While developing our capacity to be with complexity, there is scope to move towards more desirable futures.


What can Cognitive Leadership create


more people in organisations playing a bigger game together with others

more initiatives and innovations being realised in the world

developing worldviews that support organisations thriving in disrupted times

new ecosystems created that support all of life


WorldChangers is a network of experienced consultants and coaches experienced in Cognitive Development and working with Executives and Leadership Teams. Together with 4 other regular freelance work partners, World Changers is led by Jackie Thoms and Claire Davidson.

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Jackie Thoms

Co-Founder and Managing Director

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Claire Davidson

Co-Founder and Managing Director