Claire's career has focused on supporting people and systems to fulfil their potential. For many years Claire has worked to support transformation in the NHS: from peer-led health interventions; supporting teams to develop person-centred approaches to patients and work; to developing a medical training curriculum. She has helped individuals become more self-aware and conscious of the approaches they take to their work and their lives; and encouraged more person-centred, human approaches in systems which often pressure in the opposite direction.


An experienced facilitator & trainer, she has trained faculty on the Advanced Development Programme for Clinicians, where she developed curriculum and learning & training interventions for clinicians from multi-disciplinary backgrounds and at varying levels of seniority (from health care assistant to consultant). She has trained & led members of the public to deliver peer-led interventions to improve healthcare.  She led a team of freelance consultants and trainers to deliver learning interventions, ensuring meet nationally agreed Quality Standards. Collaborated with colleagues at University College London to develop an innovative module for 5th year medical students, a year-long “Person-Centred Pathway” for over 300 students, 


As part of her commitment to improving quality and sharing learning, she has been a key member of a Steering Committee for research projects into the effectiveness of Structured Education interventions for Adults with Type 2 Diabetes and has co-authored published abstracts. Claire has presented at national conferences and e.g. the All Party Parliamentary Group on Diabetes. She also co-authored an abstract and gave an oral presentation at UCLP’s Education conference ‘Educating for Patient-Centred Care’ October 2015, won a Sharing Good Practice award.


When working as a service lead in the NHS Claire is used to rapidly digesting complex information and forming an opinion. In leading programmes and contract opportunities as they arose, Claire has been responsible for planning, monitoring and evaluating all aspects – bidding for funding, programme delivery, finance, quality, KPIs, team management etc. She is used to ensuring teams adopt quality improvement cycles based on current best practice and ensuring programmes use validated outcome measures and implement e.g. PDSA cycles to action improvement. 


In her early 20s Claire volunteered in Honduras for 18 months for a non-profit organisation. Claire has a BA (Hons) in Person Centred Counselling and an MA (Hons) in European Studies.  


More recently, Claire has become interested in getting under the hood to look at how we think and how we operate - not what our thoughts & emotions are, but how we form our thought, emotions & actions. What are the hidden ways our thinking, affects the decisions we make every day. What makes our glasses this particular rose-colour, and how we can see the structure of the pigments in order to choose more consciously the colours through which we see the world.


Claire Davidson, Co-Founder, WorldChangers

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