ignite programmes


The Ignite programmes work with changemakers in organisations to develop and grow profitable initiatives with social impact. In partnership with clients, we work to gain in depth understanding of their business, current social engagement models and existing changemakers' potential to create unique and tailored approaches for each organisation.

Our experience shows that organisations can truly socially innovate and have sustainable impact when the following factors are optimised and integrated:


  • leveraging business strengths

  • developing social depth

  • ensuring people readiness


Our Sustainable Social Business framework highlights these core focus areas to build capabilities and focus resources strategically.


Click here to read more about how this framework can provide your organisation with insights on your social and business impact.

Sustainable Social Business Framework
Igniting Social Intrapreneurs


We work with changemakers at a deep level to express and clarify their Bigger Game, understand latest trends and expert opinion in society and business globally and move them into action with support from colleagues, connections and networks to create an eco-system for their initiative to grow and have impact.


By accelerating the adoption of new mindsets, leaderships behaviours and thinking for breakthrough models in society and business, we can tap into the innate potential in changemakers and organisations to have increased meaningful impact.


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“I very much enjoyed the Social Intrapreneurship Day.  It was very inspiring and helped me to expand my approach to CSR challenges and to look at things in new ways.

Sarah Ramwell, Reed Smith LLP

“Yes, it was a beautiful event – I thought you did a good job of setting the scene and inviting all of us to bring out what we are passionate about. I left feeling very happy and motivated.”

Daniel Hahn, Canon-Europe

Social Business Advancement


WorldChangers partners with companies to deliver programmes for existing social business initiatives to strengthen all areas required for the social business to grow and scale.


For our changemakers programmes we incorporate philosophies & approaches from social intrapreneurship & social innovation, sustainability, social business impact, corporate social responsibility, coaching, leadership development, decision making and on the job based issues with real situations, to move from self-awareness and consciousness to a practical and real social business application.


Muhammad Yunus: Creating Social Fiction

Social Impact Coaching


Social Impact Coaching enables changemakers to have a clear understanding of their Bigger Game and how it can infuse and shape their career within their organisation. The sessions will further develop their natural and authentic leadership style and create clarity on eco-systems required to support their intended social impact.


WorldChangers coaches are highly experienced and bring their own unique styles to coaching with a focus on working with changemakers to bring their ideas, resources and resilience to the fore. Our coaches move effortlessly from mentoring to coaching to consulting where needed within the coaching conversation and have access to international networks through our current work as social business coaches and consultants.

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