Organisational and Individual Programmes


Our organisational programmes work with the change makers in your organisation to unleash the latent potential to create social business initiatives. We create experiential, thought provoking and transformational programmes combined with industry leading thinking on social innovation in business globally.


Our individual programmes are designed to bring the fullest potential impact of the change makers vision to the organisation. We work closely with individuals to identify strategies in this new landscape, capacities and behaviours for them to develop to succeed and frameworks to create enabling environments.



WorldChangers services are designed to catalyse and activate social innovation; to tap into the innate potential of ideas, initiatives and change makers in companies, to have the biggest impact possible. Through these services, we accelerate the adoption of new mindsets, leadership behaviours and thinking for break through models in society and business.


We work closely with clients to gain in depth understanding of their business, current social engagement models and existing change makers potential from within the organisation. We create unique and tailored approaches for every organisation through our portfolio of services.


Our vision is to get business and society working in new ways bringing a tremendous flow of resources, thinking, energy and ideas into the world. And we know that organisations can truly socially innovate and have sustainable impact when these factors are combined;

  • leverage business strengths

  • develop social depth and

  • activate people’s potential



WorldChangers Placement Programmes facilitate executives to unleash their social entrepreneurial spirit by working in diverse organisations to get in depth knowledge, understanding and experience of what it takes to run, initiate or launch a social business. By matching and placing socially aware executives in social and environmental organisations globally, we facilitate sharing of skills, experience and understanding to unleash new and innovative thinking around social impact.




With our expanded international network, we connect people for potential partnerships across diverse sectors and countries. We also work with an organisations existing partners to bring strategic alignment and to unleash the fullest potential of the partnership. Through our partnership network world changing initiatives have the potential to be scaled and sustained.


Sustainable Social Innovation