We believe WorldChangers are present in all corners of our world and are growing in number all the time. Fuelled by the desire for a better, more equitable and thriving world for all, they are connected to a vision bigger than themselves and are unstoppable in making that a reality.


This is fuelling the emergence of true social business initiatives in companies and organisations globally. Our article on “Unlocking the Social Value of Companies” goes into more depth on our thinking and approach as well as highlighting initiatives that are WorldChanging or have the potential to be.


Sugata Mitra, Education Scientist

With a vision to create access to education for children globally, Sugata Mitra's School in the Cloud innovation and Self Organized Learning Environments (SOLE) are the education systems of the future.

"We are this Gen Next, where our dreams have no walls. We’re better connected, better informed and better resourced than any generation in history. This makes us incredibly powerful."

Akanksha Haza, Hult Prize 2012

m.Paani is a social enterprise that uses mobile technology as a platform to provide key services to the underserved

True WorldChanger initiatives are systemic and sustainable with the potential to scale globally for signifit social impact. Read 3 leading examples of social visionaries below.



Our thoughts, latest news and articles we love and are inspired by from around the world...

Muhammed Yunus founded the Grameen Bank and pioneered the concepts of microcredit and microfinance. Making loans accessible to millions of women living in rural parts of India and other countries are only some of the world changing initiatives Yunus has ignited and established to unleash latent entrepreneurial capacities.

We have been inspired by many individuals, initiatives and organisations who have embraced socially innovative and brilliant ideas in different parts of the world here are some publications we would like to share with you.

UN Global Compact

Accenture CEO Study on Sustainability 2013



Social Intrapreneurs: An extra force for Sustainability

David Grayson


The Future Quotient - 50 Stars in Seriously Long Term Innovation

Volans and JWT