How can your organisation develop leaders' capacity to navigate today's complexity?

Cognitive Leadership Development


Cognitive Leadership Development supports leaders in developing their thinking in more complex and systemic contexts. ​​

Organisational Programmes


Unleashing the innate potential of people in organisations is core to organisations being able to navigate complexity and the uncertain times we are living through.

Cognitive Leadership Development Assessments

CLD Assessments give you a profound overview of the transformational power of your management team and your high potentials.

Team Development

Identifies where teams connect well and where areas for development can be worked on to improve team performance and develop cognitive and leadership capacity. 

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Over the last 20 years Otto Laske, a former researcher at Harvard, has developed a framework from which people across organisations and society can intentionally develop their cognitive capacities and their maturity and wisdom over a lifetime. Based on this framework, an assessment methodology has been developed, which identifies the structure of a person's thinking. It also identifies areas for development of their critical and constructive thinking and capacity to make decisions in more complex and systemic contexts.